What Am I Getting Myself Into With Your Blog?

First off, I’ll ask you to go look at my About Me page to get to know me better and what I’m about so you don’t think I’m some sketchy person on the corner of the internet; Then come back here!

Here’s the scenario, hang with me here:

You’re at a restaurant with some of your family, and Aunt Carol or Uncle Alfred orders the gluten-free fried rice and refuses to get a glass of water. You ask them why they chose a gluten-free option since they never had a history of Celiac or gluten sensitivity and why they didn’t want a glass of water.

He/she responds by saying, “I read an article from an expert that said gluten is bad for you and makes you fat. I didn’t get water because they put fluoride in the water. I don’t want to drink chemicals.”

What do you do?

  1. Tell them the evidence shows gluten does not cause weight gain or discomfort in people who don’t have Celiac or a sensitivity to it.
  2. Tell them that LITERALLY EVERYTHING IS A CHEMICAL and that fluoride in water is meant to improve dental health and is in such a small amount, it won’t affect your health negatively anyway.
  3.  Throw something at them!
  4. All of the above.
  5. Both #1 and #2

While I think #4 is appropriate, #5 is probably what you should go with, unless Aunt Carol/Uncle Alfred has been pissing you off a lot lately.

This example was meant to give you an idea of the frustration I receive almost daily. There’s so much misinformation out on the internet, it’s terrifying. Everyone is searching for the truth and right answers to their questions about nutrition and exercise. It can be very tempting to get caught up in what some internet guru is saying because they are offering “This one simple trick” or some other BS to help you lose weight or get shredded in 6 days for $50/minute.

I’m here to tell you that many of these bloggers, youtubers, and instagram models have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. They have no scientific basis to what they say. I’m not claiming that there isn’t something to say about having experience, there definitely is. But those people with experience will also have lots of knowledge anyway and plenty of testimonies to justify their lack of schooling.

There are many others that think since they have abs or a huge butt, they are qualified to coach people or give them nutrition advice. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

This blog is meant to give you the scientific basis on an array of topics in the realms of nutrition, exercise, and whatever else I think you should know. Here, I will be dispelling plenty of myths about these areas because there are a whole bunch of them and providing an easy-to-understand platform for people to acquire their own knowledge. My goal with this blog is to mitigate misinformation by giving the facts necessary for readers to make informed decisions and identify bullshit on the internet and in life.

If you are tired of listening to gurus and getting nowhere with your goals, are sick of Aunt Carol/Uncle Alfred’s shit and want to give them the ol’ Scientific Smackdown™, or just want to learn more about nutrition and exercise, then look no further. It’s my mission to give you the right information. Go to my Learn page for the juicy (educational) articles and the occasional rant. Let’s learn together.

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