(1) Dr. Berger and Kelli Michelle MS drop knowledge bombs on just about everything

Welcome back to the Agora Bodkast! We’re talking with Dr. Christopher Berger and Kelli Michelle MS about a wide array of health, exercise, and nutrition topics! Our discussion is a bit all over the place, but I think you’ll find something in there to take away and learn from! Please enjoy, like, and subscribe to itunes and my youtube channel for more content!

0:00 Introduction
5:45 The importance of energy balance for body comp. goals
15:46 Measuring calorie burn during exercise and after
24:15 Energy balance is the largest determinant of weight change
25:25 Understanding psychology is important for success
27:00 How often should you get your hormones tested?
31:30 Are we overestimating the value of hormones for growth?
32:50 Is muscle soreness an indicator for muscle growth?
37:48 The confusion around general population and athlete studies
40:38 Why some nutrition fads actually work (unfortunately)
43:14 Recent ACSM blog post on protein supplements
45:00 Living in a “Diabetic World”
47:14 Healthy eating can be easy and craving-free
53:10 Does the number of meals eaten per day affect hunger?
58:34 The science behind insulin, and why it’s not making you fat
1:02:50 Is sitting killing us?
1:07:43 Are squats bad for your knees? (lolz, no)
1:10:50 What is a diet break? Who should do one?
1:17:10 Does disordered eating exist with flexible dieting/IIFYM?
1:21:20 Strategies for minor disordered eating habits
1:32:16 What can be done to solve the obesity crisis?
1:45:00 Kelli signs off (social media and website)
1:46:10 Lightning round of questions for Dr. B
1:51:20 Is the anabolic window true? Is it important?
2:04:00 Wrap up and thanks for watching!

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