(2) Dr. Berger and Kelli Michelle MS drop knowledge bombs on just about everything

We’re back with the second part to to our extra long podcast with Dr. Berger and Kelli Michelle! If you missed it the first time, I embeded the youtube video to the whole interview again. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

0:00 Introduction
5:45 The importance of energy balance for body comp. goals
15:46 Measuring calorie burn during exercise and after
24:15 Energy balance is the largest determinant of weight change
25:25 Understanding psychology is important for success
27:00 How often should you get your hormones tested?
31:30 Are we overestimating the value of hormones for growth?
32:50 Is muscle soreness an indicator for muscle growth?
37:48 The confusion around general population and athlete studies
40:38 Why some nutrition fads actually work (unfortunately)
43:14 Recent ACSM blog post on protein supplements
45:00 Living in a “Diabetic World”
47:14 Healthy eating can be easy and craving-free
53:10 Does the number of meals eaten per day affect hunger?
58:34 The science behind insulin, and why it’s not making you fat
1:02:50 Is sitting killing us?
1:07:43 Are squats bad for your knees? (lolz, no)
1:10:50 What is a diet break? Who should do one?
1:17:10 Does disordered eating exist with flexible dieting/IIFYM?
1:21:20 Strategies for minor disordered eating habits
1:32:16 What can be done to solve the obesity crisis?
1:45:00 Kelli signs off (social media and website)
1:46:10 Lightning round of questions for Dr. B
1:51:20 Is the anabolic window true? Is it important?
2:04:00 Wrap up and thanks for watching!

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