Exercise Program Design for the New Year

Welcome back for another great episode of the Agora Bodkast! If you’re not already subscribed to us, go to itunes here and give us a rating, review, and subscribe! We actually recorded this one over the summer but we kept having on awesome guests, and so we wanted to push their episodes ahead of this one. Here, we talk about how to design your own exercise program specific to your goals. We do have a bit of a powerlifting/bodybuilding focus, but take what we talk about here, and you can apply it to your own style of training. That I can assure you! Show notes below, enjoy!

0:00 Introduction
2:11 Different types of programming
3:38 Distinction between strength and power
4:40 Progressing with linear periodization
6:30 Defining undulating periodization
12:00 Structuring an undulating program
13:15 Estimating your one rep max if unable to test official 1RM
14:50 Why you don’t lose training adaptations with undulating periodization
16:30 Designing programs to avoid over-training/injuries
18:30 Setting proper goals to design an effective program
22:40 Deciding on type of program and exercise selection
25:50 Applying progressive overload to your program
31:05 The “optimal” rep ranges for strength & hypertrophy
35:45 J’s 5 ways to gains!
37:40 Tips for beginners in the gym
43:55 Instas and thanks for watching!

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