The Powerlifting Episode w/Kelli Michelle

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We dive deep into many different aspects of powerlifting such as current trends in strength sports, macro tracking for powerlifters, and suggestions on how to make weight effectively, among many other topics! I think you’ll enjoy this episode whether or not you’re a powerlifter as we go over a lot of interesting and informative things. I hope you enjoy!

Show notes:
0:00 Introduction
1:39 Why should people do powerlifting?
5:45 Defining what the Wilks Score is
6:27 Shoutout to Bret Contreras!
6:40 Kelli’s start in coaching powerlifters
9:25 The impact of levers on certain lifts
10:20 The stigma surrounding strength sports for women is fading
12:00 The psychological pros & cons of powerlifting
14:20 The community aspect of strength sports
15:10 Nutrition specifics for powerlifters
18:00 Carb back-loading as a strategy to optimize energy for training
20:00 Does it matter if someone uses carbs or fat as a fuel source?
22:00 Should powerlifters track macros?
23:40 Accounting for the menstrual cycle with athletes
25:50 The effect of sodium on making weight for a competition
27:40 Water intake for making weight
29:35 Fiber intake for making weight and its effect on bloating
32:00 There are many factors that can affect weight gain/loss
39:51 Kelli’s excessive program as a beginner (don’t do this)
42:20 Kelli’s diet transition from aesthetics to strength sports
45:20 How can someone identify a good coach to work with?
49:50 The growing trend of women adopting strength sports
53:20 Helping clients understand the value of tracking
59:00 Should general population clients track macros?

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