Nutrition For Pro Athletes: Simin Levinson, RD

We’re back with another Bodkast! I sat down with Simin Levinson, a sports dietitian for multiple professional sports teams including the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury. We talk about her approach with teams and how it changes according to the size of the team and player knowledge along with the prevalence of eating disorders in athletes of all ages.

You can find Simin at this link here

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*WARNING* The end is really loud, so turn your headphones down at the end of the interview to keep your ears blood free!

0:00 Introduction
1:25 Typical day of a Sports Dietitian
4:40 What do PHX Suns players eat for lunch?
7:05 Difference between Dietitians and Catering Directors
9:40 How personalized does Simin get with athletes?
11:10 How receptive are athletes to a Dietitian?
14:20 Why and how Simin got involved in Sports Nutrition
17:26: How does a dietitian help larger teams like football teams?
19:00 How to work with athletes who don’t value nutrition
21:18 Fat-phobia and relationship issues with food among pro athletes
23:30 Disordered eating culture and behaviors in certain sports and athletes
25:30 It takes a team to address eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors
27:10 Who/what can non-pro athletes go to to address disordered eating & eating disorders?
28:20 Do specific protein, carb, fat recommendations change between sports? If so, how?
30:00 Can athletes on keto perform similarly to carb-eating athletes?
33:40 What explains perceived benefits over carb diets with keto?
37:50 Intermittent Fasting among non-pro recreational athletes
39:28 Simin’s personal sports nutrition horror story
43:15 Another horror story from the Suns
45:20 Pro athletes and some of their superstitions
46:55 Hydration, weight-cutting, & re-feed strategies for weight class sports
51:15 Simin’s experience working with bodybuilders
53:30 Protein recommendations for bodybuilders
56:20 Future outlook for Sports Nutrition research
59:45 Shoutout to the Phoenix Mercury!
1:00:00 What is one thing all athletes should know about Sports Nutrition?

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