Andres Vargas PhD(c) on Getting the Most Out of Your Strength/Bodybuilding Training

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Andres’s current training plan + how he’s recovering from back issues
4:44 Andres’s philosophy on specificity at different times of the training season
6:25 How have bodybuilding clients responded to a focus on general strength training?
8:27 Adapting your training variables and methods to continue progress
11:00 Taking time off the comp. lifts to set yourself up for strength gains later on
13:46 Should lifters focus on movement patterns rather than specific lifts?
17:10 General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and its relevance for all sports
18:25 Different approaches to improve GPP including High-Intensity Continuous Training (HICT)
20:40 How HICT can benefit strength and power athletes
23:30 Athletes neglect the importance of recovery
25:10 Physical pain signals as a sign of fatigue or poor recovery
27:40 How does Andres work around a client’s busy life to help them make progress?
33:05 The value of incorporating Strongman elements into strength and power athletes’s programs?
37:50 Powerlifting meet planning is more than lifting as much as you can
40:40 Prioritizing specific muscle groups and nutritional concerns for bodybuilders
44:40 Why a low fat diet is not advantageous for bodybuilders and/or gen.pop
48:30 A discussion about coaches being regarded as health care professionals and upcoming trends in the fitness industry
56:40 Andres’s upcoming seminar after the Olympia and wrap-up
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