Coach’s Corner: Common Mistakes from Athletes, Beginner Coaches, and Gym Owners

Check out the podcast by clicking here. You can find Mary on social platforms @manicuredmeatheads. We dive into the common mistakes that beginner and intermediate athletes make while on their powerlifting or Crossfit journey. We also cover coaching and gym owner mistakes in short. Let us know if you’d like to see more of these kinds of episodes where we cover common mistakes and how to address them!

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Podcast begins
1:22 Mary introduces herself
2:00 What is the topic today?
2:41 What do J and Mary look for when acquiring new clients?
6:20 How to get people to have realistic goals
9:20 Individualization vs. standards at the beginning of coaching a new client
12:49 With multiple places to improve, where do you start?
16:50: Common and specific challenges of intermediate athletes
22:41 Managing expectations of progress for intermediate trainees
26:30 There’s more ways than one to measure progress
31:45 Mistakes that new Crossfit coaches make
37:00 Personal development for Mary’s coaches
38:29 Common mistakes of gym owners
44:40 Where to find Mary on social media and her gym
46:40 Wrapping up and thanks for watching!

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