Why I’m Bringing Back The Blog & Podcast

Recently I had a spur of inspiration to bring back the blog; but I have to back-pedal first. Quick update as to why I stopped in the first place:

I dropped out of my Master’s Program in Nutrition at Columbia University last year. First day of class I realized that I didn’t want to become an RD nor did I want to drop $70k+ when my heart wasn’t in it. I loved learning about the science but I was being pulled in a different direction and my passion was not in counseling people or, truthfully, not even in writing articles about nutrition/exercise science. I also didn’t want to write about the deep, technical stuff if I wasn’t going to school as I felt un-qualified to write about these things and I didn’t want to simply contribute to the noise and bullshit.

After withdrawing from grad school, I had to think about what my next move was going to be. I chose to stay in New York City because I had always wanted to live here and thought it would be a smart idea personally and professionally. Thankfully I was already working part-time at a wonderful company called Oh My Green. We develop nutritious food/beverage programs for offices so employees have access to higher-quality food and so they can live happier, healthier, more productive lives inside and outside the office.

At the time I was stocking kitchens for the company. I’d get up at 4am to get to my shift that started at 5am. Brutal. I had a kitchen in Midtown that I was tasked with restocking all the snacks & drinks for, brewing the coffee, and doing general kitchen maintenance. I needed something that wasn’t going to impede with my school schedule since I thought I was going to be in class during the day (skrrt). I quickly developed an affinity for OMG given the mission, culture, and the fact that it was a startup – a type of company I’d always wanted firsthand experience in.

Before I dropped out I saw that they had an opening for a sales role which helped me with the decision to leave school because I felt like I could sell OMG as I truly believed (and still do!) in the company’s mission. Long story short, I’ve been slinging snacks at Oh My Green since November 2018, having a blast doing so, and learning so much throughout the process.

So why am I bringing this back? Thank you first of all if you’ve gotten this far. That ^^^ was kinda long-winded so I appreciate your attention. I’m bringing back the blog because I feel as though my background and experiences provide me with a unique angle. I can have conversations with the people who DO have the knowledge & expertise and we can convert the information into insights that most people can understand and apply. I don’t see myself as an influencer – I think of myself as more of a connector/curator who seeks content and people that are credible and have really useful things to say that could help others overcome challenges personally or professionally.

The scope of this blog is expanding to include topics related to all aspects of wellness because I’ve learned that exercise and nutrition are only part of the equation that make for a fulfilled, healthy, and high-performing person. I’ll also be writing more thought pieces about my personal opinion on topics related to our health. Don’t worry, I’ll still be writing, debunking the bullshit, and talking training and nutrition with plenty of great people 🙂 I’ve just got so much more to say now and I’m excited to share it with you all!

If there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, are curious about, or even a person you want me to interview on a podcast, drop a comment below!

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