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I’m the guy on the left, and that’s my mom on the right. Go buy things from her because she makes awesome vintage stuff with her company Vintage Bliss.


Welcome to the blog! Here, you will learn what the science and data have to say regarding food, nutrition, and exercise. I’m a huge believer in empirical data, credible sources, and learning in order to make the best decisions when we decide to diet, start an exercise program, or simply choose groceries.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there that makes my eye twitch and gets me triggered. For example, any discussion about gluten or GMOs. The purpose of this blog comes down to mitigating misinformation so anyone who reads my posts can identify BS nutrition/training/food claims and help others who may be vulnerable to internet gurus or “Experts”.

You’re probably wondering why you should take my word over Dr. Oz, Mercola, Food Babe, pick your favorite snake oil salesman. Well, I have been studying nutrition for about 2 years as of when I was typing this. I am a junior at ASU studying Business Entrepreneurship with a minor in Nutrition possibly going to pursue an MS in Nutrition Science.

Since I began reading and learning about how food and exercise transform our bodies and influence our psychology, I have been fascinated by it and constantly seek new (credible) information. This stuff is my passion. I want everyone to know what I have learned, because it will make for a healthier and smarter world where we don’t have astronomical medical costs to treat, cure, or perform surgeries for, diseases that are preventable with proper nutrition. Is every disease and condition treatable with nutrition? No. But we can be doing more personally to delay or prevent the onset of many health problems.

So I’m communicating my passion to everyone about evidence-based nutrition and exercise (with a dash of my opinion/rant) because I believe it will help the world. If I wanted to sell you a quick fix or some other crap, I wouldn’t have wasted my time typing out an “About Me” that tries to be transparent AF from the get-go.

So now you know me. I’d love to hear from you and questions you have. Let’s learn together and make this world happier and healthier!

1 thought on “About Me

  1. Just joined. You’re passion is contagious! 🙂 Like I said earlier, would love to get your take on the documentary ” Forks over Knives” ( on netflix) or the China Study research found in a book of the same name. Keep up the great work.Thanks!


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