KMF: Making Macros Fit Your Life

This episode of the Agora Bodkast was produced in collaboration with Kelli Michelle (KMF) and some of her clients. We dive into each of their own personal stories to learn about how they make tracking macros and goal-oriented nutrition part of their everyday lives despite being business owners, executives, night-shift workers, and overall busy people. After listening to this, you can't say you don't have time anymore for this stuff!

Exercise Program Design for the New Year

We actually recorded this one over the summer but we kept having on awesome guests, and so we wanted to push their episodes ahead of this one. Here, we talk about how to design your own exercise program specific to your goals. We do have a bit of a powerlifting/bodybuilding focus, but take what we talk about here, and you can apply it to your own style of training. That I can assure you!

Chris Perry, MS | Setting the Record Straight About Sleep (Hint: GET MORE OF IT)

You can find Chris on instagram @cperry001. Chris Perry, a PhD candidate at ASU in the exercise and wellness program joins us to talk about all things sleep. Why it's important, the effects of sleep deprivation, supplements, and practical recommendations to get more and better quality sleep, among other things. This was such a great episode to record because so many disregard sleep and its importance, but it truly is a great tool for health; so don't skip out on it!