The Interaction Between Volume, Intensity, and Frequency: Why Each Matters

As mentioned last week, adherence is what should be considered and addressed before doing anything else. What should you do after you answer those 4 questions? Understand VIF. VIF stands for Volume, Intensity, and Frequency. These components that I quickly defined in a previous article influence one another greatly. These components are the "bones" of a training [...]

Nutrition For Pro Athletes: Simin Levinson, RD

You can find Simin at We're back with another Bodkast! I sat down with Simin Levinson, a sports dietitian for multiple professional sports teams including the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury. We talk about her approach with teams and how it changes according to the size of the team and player knowledge along with the prevalence of eating disorders in athletes of all ages.

The Powerlifting Episode w/Kelli Michelle

We dive deep into many different aspects of powerlifting such as current trends in strength sports, macro tracking for powerlifters, and suggestions on how to make weight effectively, among many other topics! I think you'll enjoy this episode whether or not you're a powerlifter as we go over a lot of interesting and informative things. I hope you enjoy!

5 Ways To Fight Hunger Cravings

Why the hell can we not stay full during the day? I talk to and overhear a lot of conversations that involve being hungry from busy students or professionals who are at work many hours of the day. What can they do to ensure they stay away from the vending machines at work or on [...]