How Are Nutrition and Politics Similar?

Hi everyone. This is a speech I performed at my local Toastmaster's club. I talk about the parallels between nutrition and politics, specifically how we discuss them. I offer solutions at the end to mitigate the frustration and divide we see in these two areas. It's not a perfect speech, and I will be refining [...]

Chris Perry, MS | Setting the Record Straight About Sleep (Hint: GET MORE OF IT)

You can find Chris on instagram @cperry001. Chris Perry, a PhD candidate at ASU in the exercise and wellness program joins us to talk about all things sleep. Why it's important, the effects of sleep deprivation, supplements, and practical recommendations to get more and better quality sleep, among other things. This was such a great episode to record because so many disregard sleep and its importance, but it truly is a great tool for health; so don't skip out on it!

The 2017 ISSN Conference (Upcoming Blogs!)

HOLY COW! This year, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference in Phoenix. The leading minds in the fields of sports nutrition and exercise science came together to share their research, observations, and best practices for athletic performance, building muscle, and weight loss, among other topics. I was [...]